Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mystery of Faith

Title: Untitled (Mystery of Faith)

Artist: Unknown

Medium: Spray paint on concrete

Size: 200cm x 173cm

Date: c. 2007

Location: Treasure Island swimming pool, San Francisco.

In many Christian churches the congregation is invited to proclaim the Mystery of Faith. The congregation then sings or says: "Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again" or one of the other memorial acclamations which all have the same content: Christ’s Passion and Death, His Resurrection and His return in glory at the end of time.

This stunning example of urban graffiti depicts a Christ who is risen, who shines with both his humanity and divinity. While graffiti is largely considered and underground movement, it’s no secret that this art form has provoked a huge response from everyday citizens. Just as Roman Christians of the 4th displayed their faith on the walls of the empire, so are today’s urban faithful.

Modern graffiti has its roots in 1970s African-American hip-hop culture, in which graffiti "tags," the term for the heavily stylized signatures and symbols that compose a lot of graffiti, were a form of vandalism and protest, a declaration of personal and cultural identity, and a way to reclaim neglected spaces. Now practiced by a diverse cross section of culture, the example above displays how some graffiti art has achieved remarkable beauty and skill.

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