Friday, August 20, 2010

The Resurrected Christ

Title: The Resurrected Christ

Artist: Unknown

Medium: Fresco

Size: tbd

Date: c. 1750

Location: Kalvária, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia.

This depiction of The Resurrection is in the Cupola of the Upper Church at the Calvary complex in Banska Stiavnica, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. The resurrected Christ appears standing on top of a cloud. Resplendent in divine light, wounds plainly visible, he holds aloft the cross and banner symbolizing triumph over death. Angels and cherubs swirl around, some gaping in awe while others are playing musical instruments. At this moment of Glory there can be no doubt God has power over Jesus' life and death, as he has power over all life and death. God is the Creator of life and is sovereign over death. If he points an endorsing finger at Jesus, how can humanity doubt him?

The Calvary complex consists of 25 buildings, including three churches and chapels decorated with invaluable paintings. There also are wood and ironwork furnishings and painted wooden reliefs. The chapels and churches are built on a steep slope of a dormant volcano called Scharffenberg (Sharp Hill). The Calvary’s foundation stone was laid in 1744 under cooperation of both the Catholics and Protestants. The work continued until 1751 conducted by the creator of the whole construction idea, a Jesuit priest František Perger, most probably based on an architectural rendering elaborated by a well renowned polyhistor, cartographer and constructor Samuel Mikovíni.

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