Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jesus Comes to You

Title: Jesus Comes to You
Artist: Angelo Cruciani
Medium: Spray paint on cement
Size: tbd.
Date: 2006
Location: Spazio Oberdan, Milan.

From the 2006 Gesustreet project ‘Jesus Comes to You’, graffiti artist Angelo Cruciani depicted the visage of Jesus in a variety of urban locations, unabashedly in the open, for everyone to see. He displayed Jesus as brother, an example for everybody, and as a symbol of salvation. The Gesustreet project was realized in fifty different locations throughout Europe and Italy. This rendition was done in Milan’s Spazio Oberdan, revitalizing an otherwise neglected bus shelter.

Angelo Cruciani is a contemporary Italian artist. His intent was to interact with the world around him, in order to understand the human uneasiness and get inspiration from it. Starting from faith and, above all, from the figure of Jesus Christ, he summed up the uncomprehended issues of life that gave birth to all of our unanswered questions, and going deep inside the dark and mysterious sides of existence he seeks the light of reason.

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